What is Big Issue Train?

Imagine if everyone in the train was reading a copy of the Big Issue.

Ride the train with a copy of the Big Issue in your hand.

Do you know the magazine “Big Issue”?

It’s a magazine dealing with social issues, music and cinema.The vendors are all homeless. They sell the magazine for 300 yen of which they receive a profit of 160 yen for each copy sold.

To help boost public awareness of this magazine in a social setting, we have started a project:

“Big Issue Train”

It’s a simple idea: we each of us buy a copy of the Big Issue, take the same train carriage and read it.

How can you take part?

For example, if we were taking the Yamanote line, each person would get on the train – in the same carriage – at one of the stations and then get off at their destination.

Imagine if a number of passengers on the train were seen reading the same magazine. It would create a really strong impression in the eyes of others.

This project allows us to attract the attention and interest of other people and, in so doing, hopefully encourage others to buy the magazine for themselves.

The first meet-up is Sunday 21 November

English Translation has been done @aibaihe. Very Special Thanks to Yuri san !

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